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Flex Mobile Development – SplitViewNavigator Tutorial (w/ source)

December 1, 2011By 37 Comments

The SplitViewNavigator is another new Flex 4.6 component targeted for tablet development that can be used when you want to create a master view / detail view in your application, where the master view typically serves as a source of navigation and the detail view displays the results of the action taken on the master […]

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Flex Mobile Development – ToggleSwitch Sample (with source)!

November 2, 2011By 4 Comments

The Flex/Flash Builder 4.6 prerelease includes a new ToggleSwitch control that can be used to indicate a binary value (like a CheckBox). Below is a screenshot showing a sample of two being used. The first switch shows it selected by default using a specified slide duration (for animation in milliseconds), and the second one uses […]

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Flex Mobile Development – Building Tablet Apps – Full Example with Source Code!

October 31, 2011By 22 Comments

I just returned from RIA Unleashed where Christophe and I presented a Flex Mobile Boot Camp session. In this session we built an Expense Reporting application called XpenseIt, specifcally targeted for tablet devices. We originally presented a 4.5.1 version at MAX, but wanted to utilize all the awesome new components available in Flex 4.6. We’re […]

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