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Adobe’s Commitments to Flex – Official Whitepaper

February 15, 2012By 24 Comments

There have been a lot of questions about the viability and future of Flex recently, and Adobe has published an official whitepaper today detailing their support for Flex going forward. The paper also contains details regarding Flash runtime support, Flash Builder support and other Apache contributions including the Falcon compiler. I believe the paper is […]

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Flex Mobile Development – Dynamic Splash Screens

January 20, 2012By 21 Comments

Flash Builder 4.6 includes a new feature to allow you to add a dynamic splash screen component to your mobile application. This feature will allow you to load a different image based on a few different properties you can set to ensure you get the best image for the right device. The properties you can […]

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Apache Flex Update!

January 19, 2012By 15 Comments

It’s been quite the roller coaster in the Flex world these past few months to say the least! Now seemed like a good time for an update on the latest status of things. Adobe Flex to Apache Flex Adobe Flex is now Apache Flex (in case you’ve been under a rock lately or perhaps just […]

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Game of Flex for Tablets Released!

December 7, 2011By 29 Comments

My fellow teammate Michael Chaize recently had an idea for creating a ‘game’ to showcase Flex and the latest 4.6 release features with Tour de Mobile Flex being the initial inspiration. I’m happy to announce that the Game of Flex is now available on both the Apple iTunes and Android Market for your downloading pleasure […]

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Flex Mobile Development – Adding Maps with the MapQuest AS3/Flash API!

December 6, 2011By 16 Comments

A topic that has come up often in my conversations with developers lately is how to easily add mapping components to their their Flex and Flash mobile apps. Now I’m super excited to share this latest AS3/Flash API for mobile from MapQuest for everyone to check out! The new version contains touch-friendly maps and controls […]

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Flex Mobile Development – SplitViewNavigator Tutorial (w/ source)

December 1, 2011By 37 Comments

The SplitViewNavigator is another new Flex 4.6 component targeted for tablet development that can be used when you want to create a master view / detail view in your application, where the master view typically serves as a source of navigation and the detail view displays the results of the action taken on the master […]

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Flex Mobile Development – Flex 4.6 Cool New Soft Keyboard Features – sample w/ source!

November 29, 2011By 85 Comments

Flex 4.6 (release going public TODAY – I will update this post with the link as soon as I have it) – includes some nice soft keyboard enhancements to be aware of, including setting a certain type of keyboard or setting the default return key lable, and even auto-correcting and auto-capitalizing text. This post will […]

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Flex is Alive!

November 17, 2011By 34 Comments

Flex folks, first of all, today there’s a new official statement out on the Adobe website about Adobe’s commitments to the Flash Platform including plans for Flex that you should be aware of. Secondly there’s a new post from the Product Management team out now summarizing the recent Flex Q&A. There’s been a lot of […]

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Flex Mobile Development – DateSpinner Sample (with source)!

November 17, 2011By 20 Comments

The next feature I want to highlight in the upcoming Flex 4.6 release is the new DateSpinner control. The DateSpinner allows you to represent and select a date and/or time through a custom-skinned set of SpinnerList controls out of the box in Flex 4.6. Here’s an example: If you take a look at the […]

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Flex Mobile Development – SpinnerList Sample (with source code)

November 14, 2011By 17 Comments

There was a lot of news from Adobe last week surrounding the Flash platform and Flex SDK (understatement :)!!) I know many have formed their own opinions on the state of affairs, but the bottom line is, we need to move forward now and be productive again. Flex 4.6 will launch soon and there are […]

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