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New Attest PRO version offered in AIR Marketplace Try/Buy Program!

October 6, 2009By 12 Comments

We on the Attest team have been hard at work creating a new Attest PRO version that is now offered on the Adobe AIR Marketplace in the new Try/Buy Service announced today at Adobe MAX! Dave and I have been working late hours and weekends implementing a number of new features for this version and […]

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Flex 4 Resources – Samples and Links!

September 4, 2009By 7 Comments

Today we are rolling out the first batch of new Flex 4 samples based on the recent **Flex 4 SDK (update: as of 10/1/2009, all have been updated to work with the latest version of the SDK beta 2 released at MAX). Tour de Flex had a Flex 4 Preview category previously, but the samples […]

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Real-Time Data Visualization at Adobe MAX 2009!

August 11, 2009By 6 Comments

If you don’t know it already, the Adobe MAX conference is always a great learning and networking experience and this year it is sounding better than ever. They’re offering some new things I believe will really help developers get the most out of their experience with the addition of more lab-type sessions, Birds of a […]

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LiveCycle Data Services – Channels and Endpoints Explained!

July 14, 2009By 13 Comments

As a follow-up to my LCDS Quick Start Guide, I wanted to offer more in-depth information about using channels and endpoints with your LiveCycle Data Services application. What is a channel and what is an endpoint ultimately? A ‘channel’ is the term used for the client-side code to manage the connection, and the ‘endpoint’ is […]

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LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS) – Quick Start

June 16, 2009By 33 Comments

With the recent work I’ve been doing to add LiveCycle Data Services samples to the Flex Data Access category for Tour de Flex, I felt the need to add some additional helper information to assist people in getting started using it quickly. I’m including some basic information on how to configure the client (using Flex […]

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Launch an AIR application from within another AIR application

June 8, 2009By 0 Comments

Have you ever needed to launch another AIR application from within an AIR application? I have found myself wondering how this would be done exactly, and noticed that Rich Tretola just did a great blog post this morning on two ways to do it, including source code. He presented the solutions at 360 | Flex […]

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Tour de LiveCycle!

May 29, 2009By 0 Comments

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Tour de LiveCycle was released this week! It is based on the same architecture as used in Tour de Flex and is jam-packed with useful information on how to use this very complex but powerful product from Adobe. LiveCycle ES is near and dear to me as I […]

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LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS) Goodies added to Tour de Flex!

May 29, 2009By 2 Comments

Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to work on adding LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS) samples to Tour de Flex in an effort to help ‘de-mystify’ it for developers. In my opinion it seems that many find it a bit intimidating, at least anything beyond using HTTPService, WebService or RemoteObject anyway… I think much of this […]

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Attest 1.8.5 – Additional Flex 3/AIR mock exams released!

May 18, 2009By 27 Comments

Tonight we released another update to Attest based on some user feedback received from our previous poll. Version 1.8.5 includes the addition of a bunch of questions and exams as requested, and some you may find a bit more challenging. We also covered some additional material with these questions, so people should feel that much […]

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Attest 2.0 (Flex 3/AIR Certification Practice Exams) Feature Poll

May 6, 2009By 9 Comments

Since releasing Attest late March, Dave Flatley from PXL Designs, Inc and I have gotten some awesome feedback from the community including how you’re using it, features to add, change etc. We had some ideas of our own as well and decided it might be a good idea to come to the community and take […]

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