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Major Tour de Flex Updates for Flex 4!

March 22, 2010By 4 Comments

If you didn’t know it already, Adobe Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 became officially available today! As part of the launch we made some significant changes to Tour de Flex so be sure to make it a point to check it out. We released a whole new structure of samples and reworked the Flex […]

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Generate PDF's from Flex/AIR – Code Sample using AlivePDF ActionScript 3.0 Library

January 26, 2010By 22 Comments

Awhile back I posted about an API called AlivePDF written by Thibault Imbert. I created a sample with it for Tour de Flex today to show how it can be used. The sample shows a use case illustrating how to add an image, a static text field, multi-line text and a text note to your […]

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Flex YouTube API and Player Samples

January 25, 2010By 28 Comments

Over the weekend I worked on some samples for Tour de Flex to show how you can interface with the YouTube APIs using Flex and ActionScript. I created four samples showing different ways to do this that you can see in tabs across the top of the YouTube sample in Tour de Flex. The details […]

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Flex 4 Sample Themes

January 6, 2010By 20 Comments

One of the more recent downloads of the Flex 4 Nightly builds contains some new Flex 4 Sample Themes. As a non-designer, I find these invaluable in helping me make my applications more appealing. Since the source is provided, I’m given an instant base to work with and can modify to my liking rather than […]

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AIR 2 / Flash Player 10.1 Beta Info

December 21, 2009By 10 Comments

The Adobe AIR 2.0 Beta and Flash Player 10.1 Beta releases are out and filled with some really cool, fun and powerful features. These are big releases as far as increasing developer productivity and in my opinion will further convince people to choose the Flash Platform as their technology direction. I’ve been working with these […]

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Flex 4 BorderContainer – Quick and Useful Spark Component

December 3, 2009By 14 Comments

One very useful component offered in the Flex 4 SDK is the Spark BorderContainer. You may also know this as the Spark Border if you’re one of those cutting-edge people already building apps in Flex 4, but it recently underwent a final name change to ‘BorderContainer‘. The BorderContainer extends SkinnableContainer and offers you a quick […]

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Flex 4 Bidirectional Data Binding

November 18, 2009By 7 Comments

One cool feature that really simplifies things in Flex 4 is the new way to achieve bidirectional or two-way data binding. Bidirectional data binding basically allows you to use a property as both a source and destination for a value. You use the @ symbol outside of your curly braces that you would normally use […]

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Tabbed Navigation in Flex 4

November 16, 2009By 42 Comments

If you didn’t know it already, the philosophy behind Flex 4 is ‘pay as you go’ for performance reasons. The goal was to reduce overhead and create lightweight components as a rule, so many things we were used to in Flex 3 are no longer included out of the box and it now requires some […]

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Beginner's Guide to Skinning your Flex 4 Application or AIR Application

November 9, 2009By 26 Comments

While working on the Tour de Flex samples for Flex 4, I spent some time digging into the new Flex 4 Skinning Architecture and found that I could do some really cool stuff with it. Though I’m definitely NOT a designer, I was impressed by the level of control it offered me and wanted to […]

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Adobe MAX 2009 Session Slides/Resources

October 12, 2009By 13 Comments

If you weren’t able to come to MAX or attend our ‘Making Real-Time Data Come Alive with Flex Data Visualization’ session, Greg and I have our slides, code zip and other resources here. The lab handout has all of the source code for the lessons as well and will walk you through the lab. Please […]

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