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Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta Update!

November 9, 2010By 1 Comment

The Adobe AIR Launchpad has been updated to version 2.02, which includes the following updates/fixes: Context menu sample – shows how to handle the device ‘Menu’ button press to invoke a custom popup type menu within your application Handle exiting event – handle the application exiting event (if exit is NOT specifically called, the application […]

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Adobe AIR Launchpad – Gone MOBILE!

October 25, 2010By 6 Comments

Version 2.0 of Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta is now available. It includes support for the creation of AIR Mobile projects as well as some other important updates (start a new project or switch back and forth between mobile or desktop AIR projects without restarting the app)! This new version allows you to create mobile projects […]

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Adobe AIR Launchpad Update

September 7, 2010By 1 Comment

An update to the Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta has been made available today and includes the following fixes/changes in version 1.0.1: Fixed Windows OS path issue for generated icon paths set in the app-descriptor.xml file. Paths will now have the correct path separator. Allow badge graphics other than JPG to be used and named with […]

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Attest 3.0 for Flex 4 Certification Study Released!

September 7, 2010By 23 Comments

Attest 3.0 is now available for download to use for all of your Flex 4 Certification study needs and help you become an Adobe Certified Expert! Dave and I worked hard writing questions and updating the software to Flex 4/AIR 2.0 while still trying to maintain our day jobs and overcome some hurdles along the […]

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Jump Start your Adobe AIR Application Development with Adobe AIR Launchpad

August 20, 2010By 4 Comments

If you’ve been developing with Adobe AIR, you may find yourself often re-using pieces of code to do things such as centering your application on the screen, adding auto-update, handling network connectivity or using a local database. I just completed work on a new application from the Adobe Evangelism team called Adobe AIR Launchpad that […]

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Flash Builder 4 Shortcuts and Tips

July 26, 2010By 23 Comments

I’ve been collecting a summary of Flash Builder 4 tips I find useful to help me be more productive as a developer and thought I would share them here. I’m including the shortcut for the feature where possible (based on Mac OS, for Windows use Ctrl in place of Cmd). Please feel free to comment […]

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My first AIR for Android development experience

June 28, 2010By 47 Comments

I recently got a Nexus One phone and I’m very excited about the development potential with AIR, Flash Player and Android! Since this is a whole new world to me, I thought I would write up a post summarizing my first experience with Android mobile development. I had ventured down the iPhone/Objective-C path awhile back […]

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Adobe AIR 2.0 Release Official!

June 10, 2010By 0 Comments

Adobe AIR 2.0 was officially released today by Adobe. What does that mean to you as a developer? If you haven’t checked out the latest features in AIR 2.0 or Adobe AIR at all, now is the time! Adobe AIR allows you to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) for the desktop. It offers all the […]

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Flex 4 and the Text Layout Framework

April 26, 2010By 22 Comments

One of my favorite things about Flex 4 is that it now includes the Text Layout Framework (TLF) as the basis of many Spark text components such as RichText, RichEditableText, TextArea, and TextInput as well as any other components that utilize any of these as part of another component, such as the ComboBox, which includes […]

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Framework RSL's in Flex Builder vs Flash Builder, Performance and Important Info

April 8, 2010By 6 Comments

If you are running multiple Flex applications on a server you should seriously consider using Flex Framework RSLs (runtime shared libraries) to reduce redundancy by eliminating the loading of the same core framework libraries used by all applications. The result could be a reduction in the size of your application SWF file to 1/10th of […]

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