PhoneGap Apps with Vue.js? Yes please

January 10, 2017By 5 Comments

Vue.js You’ve probably heard some buzz lately around Vue.js as one of the frameworks to check out in 2017. Vue.js has actually been around since 2014, but seems to be growing in popularity since Vue 2.0 was released last year. The Vue GitHub page has an impressive number of stars and describes Vue.js overall as: […]

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Styling your App with Twitter Bootstrap

August 6, 2012By 11 Comments

Twitter Bootstrap is an open source toolkit to help you create visually pleasing interfaces for your web and mobile apps quickly. According to this article it’s the most watched and forked repository in GitHub. A couple of developers that work for Twitter wrote the framework (hence the name), you can follow them on twitter at […]

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Adobe Shadow – Inspect/Debug your Mobile Web Content

June 4, 2012By 1 Comment

Adobe Shadow is a great new tool from Adobe that allows developers to design and develop their mobile web content quickly by providing a way to inspect and debug from their desktops wirelessly and synchronously across multiple devices. It essentially allows a developer to browse web content on their desktops and see that same content […]

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Flex Mobile Development – Building Tablet Apps – Full Example with Source Code!

October 31, 2011By 22 Comments

I just returned from RIA Unleashed where Christophe and I presented a Flex Mobile Boot Camp session. In this session we built an Expense Reporting application called XpenseIt, specifcally targeted for tablet devices. We originally presented a 4.5.1 version at MAX, but wanted to utilize all the awesome new components available in Flex 4.6. We’re […]

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Flex Mobile Development – Encrypting Data

September 22, 2011By 22 Comments

Adobe AIR 3.0 Beta is now publicly available and includes a key feature that many may not yet be aware of, EncryptedLocalStore support. The EncryptedLocalStore is a class that ‘provides a persistent, encrypted data storage mechanism.’ This class was available for use in AIR Desktop applications but restricted on mobile until this latest AIR 3.0 […]

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Building Tablet Applications at MAX 2011!

September 15, 2011By 13 Comments

Adobe MAX is coming soon and I’m very excited to be co-presenting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Lab with Christophe Coenraets this year! The official title is Building an Enterprise App for Android Tablets in 90 Minutes, however we will be targeting Tablet devices in general, not just Android. You will walk away from […]

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I’ve joined Adobe!

July 11, 2011By 31 Comments

As of today I have officially joined Adobe as a full-time Flash Platform Technical Evangelist! This isn’t a huge change for me in that I’ve actually been doing work as a contractor for various groups within Adobe since 2004, with the last 3 years specifically for Greg Wilson’s Platform Evangelism team, but I’m very excited […]

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Exit vs Suspend your iOS Application

June 24, 2011By 27 Comments

When developing for iOS, you should be aware of a setting that will allow you to completely exit your application rather than just suspend to the background (due to the iOS 4.0 multitasking features allowing you to move quickly between your applications). There’s a key that can be specified in your AIR app-descriptor.xml iPhone section […]

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Flex/AIR for iOS Development Process Explained!

June 20, 2011By 166 Comments

So you’ve heard the great news and downloaded Flash Builder 4.5.1 supporting iOS, what now?! The process to become an iOS developer with Apple can be a bit daunting. This post is intended to help make the process easier and more understandable for those looking to develop applications for iPhone, iPad etc. My best advice […]

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