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Styling your Flex 4.5 Mobile Application Tabs and ActionBar

If you’re building a TabbedViewNavigatorApplication in Flex 4.5 and you want to customize your tabs or ActionBar (the title bar that contains title text and any other components or navigation content), you can go about it in a couple of different ways. One approach would be to skin the tabs with your own custom assets […]

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Flash Builder 4.5 – Mobile Highlights

April 11, 2011By 28 Comments

Now that Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 have been announced and will be available to the public soon, I’ve put together a list of some mobile highlights to show off more of what you can expect to do with this release. A bunch of new samples based around these releases are coming soon to […]

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Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta Version 2.5 – Gone Multilingual and More!

March 7, 2011By 7 Comments

The Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta application has been updated again with the following list of changes for version 2.5: Localization I’m happy to say the Adobe AIR Launchpad is now multilingual and has been translated into 8 different languages! The language used at runtime is determined based on the default OS language. The languages currently […]

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Automatically Scroll Flex Mobile TextArea

December 16, 2010By 31 Comments

If you’re doing any mobile development with the Flex 4.5 (Hero) SDK or Flash Builder Burrito, this tip may be useful to you. A fairly typical use of a TextArea in an application is to use it as a log where you would want it to scroll automatically as text is being added. Currently if […]

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Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta Update!

November 9, 2010By 1 Comment

The Adobe AIR Launchpad has been updated to version 2.02, which includes the following updates/fixes: Context menu sample – shows how to handle the device ‘Menu’ button press to invoke a custom popup type menu within your application Handle exiting event – handle the application exiting event (if exit is NOT specifically called, the application […]

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