Apache Flex 4.8.0 Released!

July 26, 2012By 9 Comments

In case you haven’t heard the news yet, the Apache Flex team just delivered their first release, Apache Flex 4.8.0! Though it’s just a parity release (no new features yet), this is a major milestone for the team and validates the strength of the community and the dedicated Adobe folks coming together and proving they […]

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PhoneGap for Flex/AIR Mobile Developers

May 14, 2012By 51 Comments

If you’re a Flex/AIR developer or any developer focused on mobile for that matter, I believe it’s worth your while to spend some time reading this first post in a series of posts I will be writing on using PhoneGap (aka Cordova) for building mobile apps. It’s another great technology choice for rapid cross-platform mobile […]

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Flex/AIR for iOS Development Process Explained!

June 20, 2011By 166 Comments

So you’ve heard the great news and downloaded Flash Builder 4.5.1 supporting iOS, what now?! The process to become an iOS developer with Apple can be a bit daunting. This post is intended to help make the process easier and more understandable for those looking to develop applications for iPhone, iPad etc. My best advice […]

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Flex 4 Localization Quick Start

March 15, 2011By 34 Comments

Recently I was tasked with localization of the Adobe AIR Launchpad application (making it multi-lingual) and thought I would write up some notes for those facing this task. Flex 4 makes the localization task much easier. To read more about framework localization in particular (such as modifying the defaults used in the Alert dialog or […]

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Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta Version 2.5 – Gone Multilingual and More!

March 7, 2011By 7 Comments

The Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta application has been updated again with the following list of changes for version 2.5: Localization I’m happy to say the Adobe AIR Launchpad is now multilingual and has been translated into 8 different languages! The language used at runtime is determined based on the default OS language. The languages currently […]

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Tour de Flex – New Mobile Development Additions

January 27, 2011By 6 Comments

Tour de Flex (desktop and web version) were updated today to include a new mobile section showing samples using the Flex 4.5 SDK (Hero), so be sure to check it out! There are also links to download Flash Builder Burrito (Preview), Adobe AIR Launchpad, Tour de Mobile Flex and other resources to help you get […]

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Automatically Scroll Flex Mobile TextArea

December 16, 2010By 31 Comments

If you’re doing any mobile development with the Flex 4.5 (Hero) SDK or Flash Builder Burrito, this tip may be useful to you. A fairly typical use of a TextArea in an application is to use it as a log where you would want it to scroll automatically as text is being added. Currently if […]

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Using Flex Containers – Tips and Reference

November 10, 2010By 24 Comments

This post is intended to give developers a quick reference guide to using Flex 4 containers and layouts. Though it’s not necessarily a complex issue, it does seem to be a source of frustration for many, and particularly those beginning Flex. Code often ends up with too many nested containers and extraneous properties that aren’t […]

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Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta Update!

November 9, 2010By 1 Comment

The Adobe AIR Launchpad has been updated to version 2.02, which includes the following updates/fixes: Context menu sample – shows how to handle the device ‘Menu’ button press to invoke a custom popup type menu within your application Handle exiting event – handle the application exiting event (if exit is NOT specifically called, the application […]

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Adobe AIR Launchpad – Gone MOBILE!

October 25, 2010By 6 Comments

Version 2.0 of Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta is now available. It includes support for the creation of AIR Mobile projects as well as some other important updates (start a new project or switch back and forth between mobile or desktop AIR projects without restarting the app)! This new version allows you to create mobile projects […]

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