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Flex Mobile Development – Tabbed Applications with Effects on Tab Change

August 22, 2011By 36 Comments

Flex 4.5 includes new ViewTransition classes which I’ve blogged about previously and can be used to apply an effect to your view navigation within a ViewNavigator. However, you cannnot use the ViewTransition classes when switching between tabs since you are no longer within the same ViewNavigator but between ViewNavigators. There is still a way to […]

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Adobe AIR Launchpad 3.0 Released supporting Android, iOS and Blackberry Devices!

July 13, 2011By 28 Comments

Today a new version of Adobe AIR Launchpad is available with a bunch of new features added to support Flash Builder 4.5.1 to allow you to get a jump start on your mobile application development! The new features include: 1) Select up to three mobile targets including Android, iOS and Blackberry. The specific code and […]

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Exit vs Suspend your iOS Application

June 24, 2011By 27 Comments

When developing for iOS, you should be aware of a setting that will allow you to completely exit your application rather than just suspend to the background (due to the iOS 4.0 multitasking features allowing you to move quickly between your applications). There’s a key that can be specified in your AIR app-descriptor.xml iPhone section […]

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Flex/AIR for iOS Development Process Explained!

June 20, 2011By 166 Comments

So you’ve heard the great news and downloaded Flash Builder 4.5.1 supporting iOS, what now?! The process to become an iOS developer with Apple can be a bit daunting. This post is intended to help make the process easier and more understandable for those looking to develop applications for iPhone, iPad etc. My best advice […]

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Using Menus in your Flex 4.5 Mobile Application

There is a new Spark ViewMenu component to use for mobile application development. Here’s a list of important facts to know about the ViewMenu: ViewMenu is automatically created when the device Menu button is pressed, but can be programmatically opened as well. VewMenu will close when you click outside of it, but can also be […]

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Flash Builder 4.5 – Mobile Highlights

April 11, 2011By 28 Comments

Now that Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 have been announced and will be available to the public soon, I’ve put together a list of some mobile highlights to show off more of what you can expect to do with this release. A bunch of new samples based around these releases are coming soon to […]

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