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New Mobile Samples in Tour de Flex!

June 13, 2011By 4 Comments

A new set of samples are available today in Tour de Flex showing various mobile features using Flex 4.5. Some of these samples were included previously under the Adobe AIR Launchpad category previously and are part of Adobe AIR Launchpad, but many new ones are available today under a new Flex Mobile category. Here’s a […]

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Flex 4.5 Mobile Development – Alert PopUp and other Skinnable PopUps (with source code)

June 7, 2011By 58 Comments

When doing mobile development using Flex 4.5, one of the first things you may discover is that you cannot use the mx.controls.Alert class, and then wonder what the best practice is to achieve this. The recommended way of displaying a popup control in Flex 4.5 mobile applications is via the new Spark SkinnablePopUpContainer class. I […]

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Flex 4.5 Mobile Application Development – Controlling the visibility of the ActionBar and Tabs

May 23, 2011By 15 Comments

If you’re working on a Flex mobile application and find that you need hide the ActionBar or Tabs in the case of a TabbedViewNavigatorApplication to offer more screen space for a particular view, or based on a user’s preferences or whatever, I created a quick post to show how it can be done. There are […]

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Flex 4.5 Mobile Data Handling

May 18, 2011By 49 Comments

Handling data in Flex for mobile requires a different way of thinking then traditional application programming. For instance, for many applications it’s important to persist (store) data such as if the user receives a call, hits a wrong button or otherwise has their application shut down. The mobile application’s Views also destroyed and recreated often […]

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Flex 4.5 – Using Mobile View Transitions

May 12, 2011By 35 Comments

While navigating through a Flex mobile application from view to view (screen to screen), there is a default transition (animation or effect) that occurs by default and can be customized. It’s called a view transition in Flex mobile lingo, and there are 4 different classes available in the spark.transitions package for you to use out […]

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Flash Builder 4.5 Reference Card Available!

May 10, 2011By 5 Comments

I recently worked on updating the DZone Flash Builder Reference card for Flash Builder 4.5 and it’s become available this week for you to download and use for your daily development!  DZone offers numerous reference cards to aid developers in all technologies in their work and I’ve found them so useful over the years. You […]

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Styling your Flex 4.5 Mobile Application Tabs and ActionBar

If you’re building a TabbedViewNavigatorApplication in Flex 4.5 and you want to customize your tabs or ActionBar (the title bar that contains title text and any other components or navigation content), you can go about it in a couple of different ways. One approach would be to skin the tabs with your own custom assets […]

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Using Menus in your Flex 4.5 Mobile Application

There is a new Spark ViewMenu component to use for mobile application development. Here’s a list of important facts to know about the ViewMenu: ViewMenu is automatically created when the device Menu button is pressed, but can be programmatically opened as well. VewMenu will close when you click outside of it, but can also be […]

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Updating Flash Builder Burrito Applications to Flash Builder 4.5

April 27, 2011By 34 Comments

Have you downloaded the latest Flash Builder 4.5 from pre-release (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!) and tried to import a project you built in Flash Builder Burrito only to find a bunch of errors? I made a list of things I discovered when going through this process and noted them below. […]

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Flash Builder 4.5 – Mobile Highlights

April 11, 2011By 28 Comments

Now that Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 have been announced and will be available to the public soon, I’ve put together a list of some mobile highlights to show off more of what you can expect to do with this release. A bunch of new samples based around these releases are coming soon to […]

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