PhoneGap CLI 3.6.3 Released with Significant Updates

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The PhoneGap CLI has undergone some significant changes recently to realign better with Cordova and a new version 3.6.3 has just been released. These changes will help to alleviate previous deviations between the two. Some of these updates are behind the scenes and will not necessarily be apparent to developers but will allow new features to be added quickly and the code to be more maintainable in the future.

Below are some highlights developers may be particularly interested in knowing about in this latest version. Please read the official release details on the PhoneGap blog for everything you need to know.


  • All cordova commands and options are now supported directly via the phonegap command (including --copy-from, --link-to options etc).

    I personally like to use --copy-from with the create command to quickly create a starter project from a base template I’ve created and --link-to when I want to easily create a symbolic link to another project without having to think about the syntax of how to do it each time.
  • The phonegap create command allows you to use shortcut flags -n and -i to quickly specify the app name and id/package and can be used in any order.
  • The config.xml file now resides in the root project folder rather than the www folder.
  • The remote command still allows you to build with PhoneGap Build but the local command is no longer necessary (deprecated) and assumed.
  • Better help text, easier ways to get to the help text and more explanatory output/error handling.
  • Platforms (ios, android etc) are automatically added if they don’t exist upon build and run so you don’t have to explicitly type phonegap platform add [platform].
  • And more!

These changes are available now, so take a moment to grab the latest via one of the commands below:

$ sudo npm install -g phonegap
$ sudo npm update -g phonegap

Once again, be sure to read the detailed write-up just posted on the PhoneGap Blog as I think even the most seasoned users will find something they were not previously aware of!

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