PhoneGap / Cordova Default Project – Android Support for xxhdpi

February 3, 2014By 4 Comments

pg_androidIf you’re creating a new PhoneGap or Cordova project with the CLI and targeting the Android platform, you should be aware of an additional folder you will want to create to specify icons and splash screens on newer Android devices supporting xxhdpi (extra extra high density, 480 dpi). The ../platforms/android/res/drawable-xxhdpi folder is not created by default from the CLI as the rest of the drawable folders currently are, so you will need to create it if you want to specifically support this density with an icon (and optionally a splash screen). The size of the icon.png that needs to reside in this folder is 144×144. See the PhoneGap documentation for more details and information on splash screens specifically.

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  1. Is there a bug open on this? I think the fix is pretty simple.

  2. Bill SerGio says:

    There is one thing that would be very helpful in creating a custom plugin for Cordova or PhoneGap. You just lightly mention how to add a custom plugin using CLI but give no exanple that includes the added code.

    Also, I would prefer to add the .java file for my custom plugin manually to my Android project and simple build it with the project instead of using CLI–how about an example of how to do this?

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