New PhoneGap Push Notification Service – Puship (with free tier)

October 4, 2013By 3 Comments

One of my blog readers (thanks Fede!) notified me of a new push notification service that integrates with PhoneGap called Puship. I wanted to write a quick post about it to make others aware. You can use this service to send push notifications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. They are currently in beta and offering the full service (including geolocalized push notifications) for free. They expect to launch out of beta in January 2014, and on their pricing page they note that it will continue to be free for non-profit and home users for those that registered during their beta stage, but they will also offer a free tier plan at that point as well. To get details of the expected pricing starting in January, check out the list of plans.

You can find sample applications to try out on their site as well as great documentation on how to set up each platform with their PhoneGap plugin. There are different versions of sample applications to choose from up to one using PhoneGap v3.0. See their documentation for links to samples for the other platforms. There’s also a statistics option in their web UI so you can track notifications sent.

Below is an example screenshot from their docs of setting up a geolocalized push notification. For more details see this page.


Note that currently their plugin does not appear to be supported by PhoneGap Build. Feel free to contact them about submitting it to PhoneGap Build to be supported.

Be sure to check it out and report back if you find something in the features I may not have covered!

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  1. Fede says:

    Not at all! Holly! It seems that now they have added support to build online and some others interesting features!

  2. guy says:

    worst pricing policy I have ever seen. puship is a small ‘young’ service that is in beta. why whould I pay min 30 euro for it?. other plans are useless cause there is not API access.
    the way I see it pushwoosh it more mature and pricing is similar.
    I just wish someone wrote a amazon SNS PGB plugin already…

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