JavaScript Frameworks Session Resources – Adobe MAX 2013

May 10, 2013By 8 Comments


If you attended our JavaScript Frameworks session at Adobe MAX 2013 and would like the session resources, you can find them here:

1) The presentation slides
2) The AngularJS sample Wine Cellar application
3) The Ember.js sample Wine Cellar application

Also see Christophe’s blog for the links to his github account where you can find the Backbone.js and jQuery Mobile versions of the wine cellar applications.

Thanks so much to everyone that attended (especially since it was 8am after the MAX Party ;)) – we hope it was worth your while 😀

I will post the link to the session recording for anyone else interested as soon as I can find that as well…

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  1. manuel aburto says:

    congratulations on your presentation at the AdobeMax, only to comment that the pdf is damaged, hopefully they can re-upload.

  2. Clemenz says:

    Great session on Javascript frameworks by you and Christophe, it put ideas in place and offered good insight.
    Thanks Holly for this post.

  3. the slides PDF seems corrupted. Reader chokes after page 25.

  4. Laurent says:

    The link to the session is here:

    Thanks for this great session.

  5. Fred Rodolfo says:

    Hey Holly,

    I attended your session at Adobe MAX. It was definitely helpful to see the differences in the various frameworks you demonstrated. If the choices came down to just AngularJS and backboneJS, which one would you say has the upperhand in terms of being future-proof, learning curve and ease of integration with other libraries/frameworks. I’d like to know your thoughts if you have a preference on one over the other, and why.


    • Hi Fred, what type of application are you working on? I think based on your specific criteria (future-proof, learning curve and ease of integration with other libs), I would probably recommend backbone.js. I think it’s the easiest to learn, and because it is not prescriptive, you can easily integrate with other libraries and frameworks. It also has a very large following and community and many applications already using it, so I would say it’s pretty future-proof.

      That being said, there are some benefits of AngularJS that i particularly like for data-driven applications that can help you be really productive quickly, and has a big following and backed by google, so I would say is pretty future proof as well. However, there is a steeper learning curve and it’s much more prescriptive than backbone and thus you may not find it as easy to integrate with certain other libraries or frameworks. I liked AngularJS for the two-way data binding and all the built-in helpers, but I believe it came more naturally to me specifically because of my Flex programming background.

      EmberJS appeals to a lot of RoR (Ruby on Rails) folks and is a combination of backbone concepts mixed with Rails concepts. It’s much newer than some of the other options and seemed like less examples using the latest version, depending on how much help you need. But if you are a Rails developer then I would definitely look into this one as it will probably come naturally to you.

      I hope this helps, and thanks for coming to our session :)!

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