May Meetups! Building Real Mobile Apps with HTML/JS/PhoneGap

May 3, 2012By 4 Comments

We will be doing a couple of presentations here in Florida on building mobile applications with HTML/JS and PhoneGap that you will not want to miss if you’re anywhere near the area. Christophe Coenraets, Greg Wilson and myself will be presenting two 3 hour workshops in Orlando and Tampa on May 8th and 9th respectively. Included in the presentation will be an introduction to PhoneGap, a deep dive into building an HTML/JS mobile application (non-web) using popular JavaScript frameworks available, and some demos of applications built with this technology, including a real-world backed iPad application showing off how powerful this technology can be.

Details on the events are below:

Tampa Meetup
Orlando Meetup

There were only 10 spots left in the Tampa meetup when I last checked, so if you’re interested, be sure to sign up now :)!!

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  1. Ihor says:

    Why PhoneGap and no more AIR/Flex ?
    For me PhoneGap i sno good solution if all code of my app will be opened as js+html pages.
    Why all don’t more work with Flex/AS3 ?

  2. Jim Howard says:

    Does this post imply that Air is now deprecated by Adobe?

    • Absolutely not! However, I will be covering more PhoneGap on this blog in the future so people can be aware of the potential with it. It’s another option from Adobe that people need to be aware of for building cross-platform solutions in addition to Flex/AIR and I want to help people get started using it in any way I can… Thanks 🙂 Holly

  3. Norman says:

    What about Air or Flex? Any updates lately? Certainly I would like to complement my skills with PhoneGap/HTML and Javascript. But the key word is “COMPLEMENT” not “REPLACE”. So I’m really happy to hear this thing is still alive. The question is for how long? Since Adobe is putting more of their efforts in promoting HTML5 tools and less of Flex/AIR.

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