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April 9, 2012By 9 Comments

If you’re looking for a great conference to attend, 360|Flex is right around the corner and you should definitely make a point of checking it out. Most developers consider this to be *the* conference to attend and glancing at the schedule, you can see why. My fellow teammate, Christophe Coenraets is going to be doing the keynote and has some fun in store that you will not want to miss. There will also be an update from the Spoon folks so you can find out all the latest and greatest information around the Apache Flex open source project. This year’s conference is not just Flex either, you will have the opportunity to help yourself become a more well-rounded developer and explore other technologies from the best of the best developers first hand. This post by John Wilker (who runs the show) sums up the experience well. Also, Denver is a great location and has so much to offer. It’s personally one of my favorite cities to visit, so be sure to check this one out!

Secondly, if you’re in or around the Dallas area, be sure to visit Greg Wilson and Jon Campos at the Flex User Group meeting on April 19, 2012. Details about the event can be found here!

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  1. Keith says:

    Thanks for the update Holly. Unfortunately, for those of us based in Europe, it may be too expensive to attend. However, I look forward to any presentation that may be posted after the event.

    Can I ask you for something: could you please, at some point, post something about the new features in Air (beta 3.3) and also on how to develop for the new iPad with the current version of Flash Builder? There is really no information on the web about when FB will be updated to support the new resolution and icon sizes, or the new Air releases.

  2. JC Lang says:

    Thanks too for the update Holly.
    And thank you Keith for asking the good question: I’d like to hear about new components and dev. guide to use FB and new AIR versions.

  3. Start says:


  4. TalhaKeskin says:

    Very nice one was during the summer

  5. Holly, I have gained great insight reading your blog. I am moving to developing mobile apps. I have a question about the conference. I was not able to attend and was wondering if there is any way to get material or if there is video’s from the conference. I am plannning to go next year. Also is there any more events coming up. I am in california.


    Curtis Maybin

  6. Very nice one was during the summer

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