Flex Mobile Development – 90 Minute Live Q&A Session!

August 12, 2011By 6 Comments

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers (well hopefully ;))! Join myself and other members of my Adobe Evangelism team next Thursday, August 18th for a live a 90 minute Question and Answer Connect session at 9am PDT (GMT-7).

Mobile development with Flex is new and has a whole new learning curve associated with it versus traditional development. Many of us on the team have experienced things working on our own mobile development projects for work or pleasure and will be standing by to try to answer your questions.  This could also be a great chance for you to get a heads-up on other issues or things that you may not have been aware of yet yourself!

For specific details on this session, visit http://flex.org/ask.

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  1. Brad says:

    Sorry, I missed this session.

    I would like to call another app from an air app running on ios but it sounds like the custom url scheme used to do this can only be used from native apps to contact air apps and not the other way around, right?

    If so, is this going to be fixed by some other process in the future(ie. native extensions) or is there a work around?

  2. Nana Kwaku says:

    Thanks for the support you provide to the community. I am currently writing an app and facing a challenge of invoking another app via custom URL. Can you assist me with this implementation as I tried the navigateToURL and did not get it to work.

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