Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta 3.01 Update

August 10, 2011By 4 Comments

Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta has been updated to version 3.01 today! The following updates/fixes were included:

1) Additional properties were added to the BlackBerry settings and generated in the blackberry-tablet.xml descriptor file including authorId, author, category and splash screen.

2) A bug was fixed where a space in the splash screen image filename would cause an error in the generated embed code.

3) A bug was fixed for an issue where the ViewMenu and Alert samples were generated but not added to the List of samples to be navigated to in the home MXML.

4) Cleaned up some sample code and added some links to an Adobe Cookbooks fix for a bug on iOS where the Camera Capture sample does not return the picture taken (using CameraUI). Also fixed up the SampleGesture code so panning would work better.

The new update is available and will auto-update those that are currently running version 3.01. If you haven’t downloaded the latest yet, you can grab it here. For issues or feedback on the Adobe AIR Launchpad application, visit the forum. For more details on what Adobe AIR Launchpad is/does, see Adobe Labs.

New BlackBerry Dialog

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  1. Claudio Luna says:

    Hi Holly,
    Thank you very much for your contributions!!!!
    About the Launchpad, the following thing happens to me,
    When I try to export a release build (using Flash Builder 4.5) of a project created in Adobe Air Launchpad (p8_3-0-1_081911) I get the following error message:
    “error occurred while saving the project settings: ‘default’ build target cannot be found for the selected project”
    How is it possible to solve this?

  2. ckpt-martin says:

    Does this work with FB 4.6? I can’t switch to design mode in FB when I import a project from LaunchPad.
    I always get the error:

    an unknown item is declared as root of your mxml document

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    • ckpt-martin says:

      I was able to fix it. But, it means modifying the generated code a bit. I don’t quite understand why this is necessary.
      I had to define xmlns:components=”spark.components.*” in the first tag. Then change each component from “s:….” to “components:……..”

      • ckpt-martin says:

        OK, the problem was in my installation. I think there’s a problem in the upgrade routine of FB4.6. I had FB4.0 and upgraded to 4.6 (the installer asked if it should uninstall the older version).
        The end of the story was, after uninstalled FB once again and reinstalled it. It works like a charm. The only error and warnings I get when importing LaunchPad projects are:
        The namespace version is set to 2.6 – FB4.6 only supports 3.1 (so, easy to fix that ;-))
        The Flip and Zoom transitions are deprecated in Flex 4.6.

        Other than that everything seems to work for me now.

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