Adobe AIR Launchpad 3.0 Released supporting Android, iOS and Blackberry Devices!

July 13, 2011By 28 Comments

Today a new version of Adobe AIR Launchpad is available with a bunch of new features added to support Flash Builder 4.5.1 to allow you to get a jump start on your mobile application development! The new features include:

1) Select up to three mobile targets including Android, iOS and Blackberry. The specific code and settings needed for these targets will be generated based on your selections.

2) New settings options for creating a tabbed application, iOS specific app-descriptor settings and a new icons dialog to handle icon sizes for all three platforms:

Settings Dialog

New Icons Dialog

3) Auto-scale option for application DPI on the Configuration dialog:

Code Options/Configuration Dialog

4) New sample code options include BusyIndicator, Multi-DPI Bitmap Support, ViewTransitions, CSS Media Selectors, ViewMenu and more:

Samples Dialog

This version is English only for now, so it’s not going to auto-update your current version, you will need to download the new version from here. The rest of the language support will be available in the near future. As always, remember this is beta 😉 so you can report bugs or other feedback on the Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta forum here!

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  1. Barno says:

    Very Very Nice!
    but the sms does not work on iphone. If I put text, I do not populate the text field but the phone number: (

  2. Eugene Tjoa says:

    Thanks for the great work.

    I just noticed a small glitch. If the splash screen image contains spaces in the file name then the @Embed url in the splashScreenImage property will be incorrectly formatted.

  3. eshaan says:


    I am not able to install this on my windows 7 machine. Can you please check the badge on a windows machine.

    I am getting the following error :
    The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.

    • Hi there, we tried it on a Win 7 instance this morning and it worked ok. Try installing it with the manual link instead from here:

      Do you have a previous version of Launchpad installed? You may need to remove that and try it again if the manual link doesn’t work. Let me know, thanks! Holly

      • lordB8r says:

        Hi Holly,

        I’m getting the same error, and I’m on an MBP. I had AirLaunchpad 2.5 installed, and I have since removed it. However, every time I try install from the badge, the AIR installer just hangs.

        I just uninstalled all instances of AIR, and reinstalled AIR 2.7 (and downloaded the same SDK).

        That didn’t help either 🙁

        I found this post most recently on the Adobe Forums and installed a beta of AIR3 (

        Now it’s working, so I can’t wait to use launchpad.

        One question I have is, is there a way to get launchpad to create itemrenderers in AS3 instead of MXML?

        Thanks and keep up the great posts!

        • Hey there! Thank you for the heads-up and link to that AIR issue. Were you finally able to get LP installed ok? The item renderer suggestion is a good one, I will keep it in mind for the next update. Thanks for the feedback!! 🙂 Holly

          • lordB8r says:

            I did get it installed. The AIR3 Beta did the trick. Other people mentioned uninstalling and installing 2.5, so there’s something screwy with 2.6/2.7.


  4. eshaan says:

    I uninstalled the previous version and it got installed perfectly.


  5. PhilFlash says:

    But for ‘View Transition Effect’ and ‘Add menu’, the code for the views is generated but there is no code in the home view to call these views.

    • Hi Phil! Thanks for the heads-up on the View Transition and Menu samples missing from being called in the home view. I fixed that in the update coming shortly. Let me know if you see anything else, and thanks again! Holly

  6. vineet says:

    hi mam,
    Well i have started first with flash builder 4.5 and has upgraded it,I am working on it past 20 days or so…and working on adobe’s guidelines,but able to to find more of styling buttons or features which could make my Ios application look better for that what to do please tell me…:)

  7. Danica says:

    Hi there, I am probably in the wrong place to be asking questions like I’m about to ask, but I am lost & super frustrated lol. I am, by no means, a developer or anything but I do consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about my phone. I have an HTC Hero, yes I know it’s antiquated, with the Android 2.1-update OS & I am really trying to find out why I don’t have the opportunity to update to the most recent flash player. I can view you tube vids but I so much wanna be able to go to sites such as god tube & the like to view those videos. I keep getting errors saying that I need to update my flash player to the latest Adobe Flash Player, so I go to the often provided link & it says my OS doesn’t support it. I’ve researched several things & if I’m understanding correctly, the Hero with Android 2.1 is not able to be updated with the current Adobe FP. My questions are, #1) is there ANY way around this? #2) is there anywhere online I could find another kind of flash player that will do the same thing? #3) does Adobe have an older flash player that’d work for me? Thank u for ur time & I’ll sincerely welcome ANY feedback! I’ve spent A LOT of time on my phone’s internet (hubby won’t lemme get internet here on my desktop lol) & haven’t been able to figure anything out yet! Thank u so much! Have a blessed day! – Danica

  8. vineet says:

    hello mam,
    thanks a lot for ur reply,i am so obliged,just needed a help from u if suppose there is a list of people or floors on an i-phone application in flash builder 4.5.1 and in that particular list only i want to enter a button of on and off its not happening i Google a lot but didn’t got as such any list is like this

    It will generate a list like:-

    But mam on that list only itself i want to generate a button like on/off…how to do it..i am not able to get it

    it should display like this:
    floor1 on/off
    floor2 on/off
    floor3 on/off
    which shd have a click event on (on/off) buttons
    I feel i am not bothering or offending u….thank u soo much for that reply and for ur precious time.

  9. Barno says:

    has anyone tried sms on iphone?

    • Hi Barno, I’ve been trying to find out what happened here. I have an older application I created and compiled using that same LP code but with an older AIR version that runs ok still on my iPhone 4 but none of the new ones I generate with the same code are working, (don’t populate like you mentioned). I’m guessing maybe something changed or broke in the AIR version since I created that older application but I’ll keep checking to see what I can find… Thanks!! Holly

  10. Ganesh says:


    i am new to flex ,i have some experience in Android
    now i want to devwlope application which will run on Windows,Blackberry smartphone,Android,iphone So is their any way (technology) which support all this platform

    i.e. i want to write code of mobile appllication once and run on each mobile platform

    • Hi Ganesh, you can use the Flex 4.5.1 SDK to write code that can run on Android, iOS and BlackBerry Playbook. You could download the Flash Builder 4.5 trial development environment if you want to check it out further. There are links to various resources in the main page after you install it. You could also check out for more useful links. Hope that helps!! Holly

  11. Hi Holly,

    Great website with great postings, good to see what possible.

    Question, at the moment we have our websites on FLEX sdk 4.1 and right now we are investigating what it will take to upgrade to sdk 4.5.1 and use most new functionality available in SDK 4.5.1

    Is there in adobe some demo/whitepaper/known customer available which has implemented it’s Flex applications on all platforms and variants in a live mission critial situation? And by this I mean:

    1. the flex app running on web via Flash
    2. the flex app running on ALL mobile platforms with different skins per screensize / or browser to take optimal use of the platform it’s running on.
    3. meeting different guidelines of the buttons and controls per OS.
    4. regarding point 2 and 3 above include difference skins for tablets as well.

    For me it’s important to have or develop a solid paper in which I can write requirements per screen, per module etc etc to make an assumption on the amount of resources I need to upgrade and offer my visitors my app in the way they want…

    Kindest regards, Maarten Luijt

  12. jackey says:

    NetworkInfo did not work on IPHONE
    Do you have a solution?
    I am not good at Enlish
    Waiting for your answer

  13. Tink says:

    Hi Holly, I just try launchPad. Do you know how we can use it for the Flash Builder 4.6 environnement ? or do you know how to use project generated by launchPad in the Flash Builder 4.6 ?
    Thanks for you answer
    Tink, french dev girl’

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