New Mobile Samples in Tour de Flex!

June 13, 2011By 4 Comments

A new set of samples are available today in Tour de Flex showing various mobile features using Flex 4.5. Some of these samples were included previously under the Adobe AIR Launchpad category previously and are part of Adobe AIR Launchpad, but many new ones are available today under a new Flex Mobile category.

Here’s a brief description of the NEW mobile samples, but if you haven’t looked at any of them at all yet, there are actually a total of 28 different samples showing off mobile development so be sure to check them out under Flex Mobile -> Mobile Sample Applications!

  • BusyIndicator – shows how you can use this new Spark component to show a busy status in your view for mobile.
  • CSS Filtering with Media Queries – a sample showing how you can apply certain styles based on the DPI or OS of the mobile device using a new syntax available in Flex 4.5.
  • Multi-DPI Bitmap handling – shows how you can specify different DPI image sources in a new Spark component to handle multiple device types.
  • Alert – shows how to display an Alert popup on your mobile device since the mx.controls.Alert class is not available.
  • ViewMenu – show how you can use the new Flex 4.5 ViewMenu component in a mobile device either with the Menu button or programmatically.
  • Camera (Raw Camera) – updated to show how you can access multiple cameras on your device.
  • CrossFadeViewTransition – shows off the properties you can specify to apply a fade effect between your view navigation.
  • FlipViewTransition – shows the properties that can be used to apply a flip effect when navigating between views.
  • SlideViewTransition – shows the properties available when using a sliding effect in your view navigation.
  • ZoomViewTransition – shows the use of a zoom in or out effect that can be used when navigating between views.

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  1. Raymond says:

    Thanks for your great work.

  2. Badisi says:

    As we all know, Flash isn’t available on iOS. But from what i understood the air runtime is compiled and packaged with any application for iOS. From here what about building a flex web browser application capable of using this embedded runtime to play flash content ? Is it something Adobe is working on or is it just not possible ? Thanks for this wonderful blog !

  3. Babak says:

    Hi Holly

    Thanks for the great examples that you shared on your blog and TDF. They are very useful codes however I am strugling with cameraUI capture on both Ipad2 and galaxy tab.
    I have built an example projects and the code is identical to what you have shared on TDF for CameraUI Capture example. On Ipad I had a bit of more luck since the Take photo button brings up the camera(while this very first step fails on the galaxy tab) and i take the photo but the photo never shows up on the app itself. infact the onComplete function that is handler for myCam.addEventListener(MediaEvent.COMPLETE, onComplete) doesn’t seem to get called at all. I also used
    if (Camera.isSupported)
    var name1:String;
    var name2:String;
    var array:Array = Camera.names;
    var numCams:int = array.length;
    var cam:Camera;
    for each (var s:String in array) {
    log.appendText(“Found Camera by name: ” + s + ” \n”);
    cam = Camera.getCamera(s);
    and it found the default camera but as I said the photo doesn’t seem to be found anywhere on the device or app in Ipad and even though default camera is found on Galaxy tab too but app fails to even launch the camera to take a photo.

    Could you pleae give me a hint on this? is any thing that I have forgotten?

    Many thanks in advance.


  4. Greg Gibson says:

    How does the Web version of Tour De Flex display the adobe web pages within the containers? What Components are they using to do that?

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