Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta Version 2.5 – Gone Multilingual and More!

March 7, 2011By 7 Comments

The Adobe AIR Launchpad Beta application has been updated again with the following list of changes for version 2.5:

I’m happy to say the Adobe AIR Launchpad is now multilingual and has been translated into 8 different languages! The language used at runtime is determined based on the default OS language. The languages currently supported are:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Note: We would like to ask for feedback on the language translation. If you notice something that does not look or sound right, please post to the Adobe AIR Launchpad forum and we’ll get it fixed in an update to follow within a week or two.

General Changes

  • Added new Main Menu button to the bottom button bar for both Mobile and Desktop views to quickly switch between project types.

Changes to Settings tab (reflected in the generated app-descriptor):

  • Added Aspect Ratio setting to specify either portrait or landscape as the default when the application is run.
  • Added Render Mode (Auto/GPU/CPU).
  • Removed specific permissions such as geolocation and write to external storage from the settings view and added them to a new Permissions view (see new Permissions view below for more detail).

Changes to Configuration tab:

  • Added an exit handling option to generate code to handle the exiting event.
  • Added a keep awake option to keep set the appropriate permissions and generate code to keep the application from locking and prevent screen dimming.
  • Added HTTP Monitoring option to detect if the Internet is available.
  • Added custom data persistence handling. Selecting the Session Cache option will now generate the event handling code for applicationPersist/applicationPersisting/applicationRestore/applicationRestoring events including handling the initialize application life cycle event. The tooltip was updated to note this additional code will be generated. See this post regarding more information about Flex 4.5 mobile data persistence.
  • Changed the name of the generated init() function to onApplicationComplete() to match the associated event and to avoid confusion with the onInitialize() which is also now generated when Session Cache is enabled (to add the restore/restoring event handling).

Changes to Samples tab (thanks to James Ward for creating the last three of these for Tour de Mobile Flex):

  • New Custom Context Menu sample
  • New Local image Caching sample
  • Modified samples containing a TextArea to auto-scroll capability after append
  • New Full Screen sample
  • New Rotate Screen sample
  • New Mobile application anatomy sample

Changes to Generate tab:

  • New Permissions View – When the Generate button is clicked on the mobile view, a new Permissions dialog will pop up showing which permissions were detected as being needed based on the samples and options chosen in the previous views. It will also allow for them to be unchecked and for others to be checked (includes all currently supported permissions from the latest publicly available AIR version).

Bug Fixes:

Important reminder: The target for the applications generated from the Desktop menu option is Flash Builder 4 (preferably using Flex SDK 4.1), while the target for the Mobile applications is Flash Builder Burrito since it relies on the new API’s in Flex SDK 4.5. More about this can be found in the readme file generated with all projects build with Adobe AIR Launchpad.

If you have previously downloaded the Adobe AIR Launchpad, the application update will occur automatically, otherwise you can download this latest version for free here!

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  1. Lionel says:

    Excellent work !

  2. noxss says:

    This app is helpful, but Chinese display inproperbly on Ubuntu 10.10 😉

  3. Clint Modien says:

    Hey Holly… love launchpad… any plans on either upgrading for air 2.6 and flex 4.5 or letting me fork it on github and upgrading it for you?

    • devgirl says:

      Hey there Clint! I actually do have a version of AIR Launchpad upgraded to work with AIR 2.6/Flash Builder 4.5 here! I also have new samples coming next week via my blog that use features new in Flex 4.5/AIR 2.6 as well so check back. They will end up in an update to Launchpad soon as well… Thanks :)! Holly

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