Tour de LiveCycle!

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If you haven’t heard the news yet, Tour de LiveCycle was released this week! It is based on the same architecture as used in Tour de Flex and is jam-packed with useful information on how to use this very complex but powerful product from Adobe. LiveCycle ES is near and dear to me as I have worked with it and the wonderful people that continue to develop and support it for many years now.  I was fortunate enough to work with the development team that wrote the original workflow engine that was eventually purchased by Adobe back in 2004, and have seen it evolve so much over the years. I have to say I’m super excited about this application because I feel it was so necessary and will be such a huge help to so many.  I know that many people have no clue what LiveCycle ES is all about, what you would do with it etc, but now is your chance to find out! It is absolutely worth your time to install the AIR app and find out more about it. This app is not only useful for those who are discovering LiveCycle, but will also serve as an awesome reference to those who are using it in their day to day jobs. I highly recommend checking this out, yet another great application from Adobe…

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