Attest 1.8.5 – Additional Flex 3/AIR mock exams released!

May 18, 2009By 27 Comments

Tonight we released another update to Attest based on some user feedback received from our previous poll. Version 1.8.5 includes the addition of a bunch of questions and exams as requested, and some you may find a bit more challenging. We also covered some additional material with these questions, so people should feel that much more prepared for the exam. It also includes a new randomization feature in the order of the questions that make it harder to memorize a pattern of answers. Dave and I are still hard at work on some other super cool features for version 2.0 (in addition to our regular work!) but knew that people were anxious to get their hands on more test questions, so we delivered 🙂 Grab the updated version here!

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  1. Fred says:

    Big thanks for releasing this update – I’m currently studying for the exam. I’ve noticed a difference in the difficulty of the questions between the Attest mock questions, and the easier sample questions provided by Adobe in the Exam Preperation guide pdf. Are the Attest questions designed to be slightly harder than the real exam questions, or are they a fairly accurate representation?

  2. Kala Jyothi says:

    I have been trying since yesterday to download attest latest version , always it says there is a download error .no clue what the error is :(.
    pls suggest as i want to take the AIR certification.
    Timely help is much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    • devgirl says:

      Hi Kala, I just emailed you the .air file directly, let me know if that works for you! Also, please let us know more details about the error you’re receiving. Thanks! Holly

  3. Haibo says:

    In the Flex 3 AIR 2, there is a question

    T/F: A ContextMenu property on an InteractiveObject must be assigned to a Menu of type ContextMenu.

    The given answer is True, but I think it should be false, because “The menu object assigned to contextMenu can either be of type NativeMenu or of type ContextMenu.”

    Please verify, thanks.


    • devgirl says:

      Hi Haibo, you make a point… this question probably should be worded a bit differently to say something like: “When using AIR, the property of an InteractiveObject must be assigned to a ContextMenu or NativeMenu type…” since ContextMenu actually extends NativeMenu. The confusion here is that there’s a difference between how this property is set when using AIR versus Flash Player content, as noted in this excerpt from the InteractiveObject class LiveDocs: “For content running in Flash Player, this property is a ContextMenu object. In the AIR runtime, the ContextMenu class extends the NativeMenu class, however Flash Player only supports the ContextMenu class, not the NativeMenu class.”

      That is probably the important point to get out of this question as far as the exam is concerned 🙂 Dave and I discussed this and will change the question, thanks for the feedback! Holly

  4. Fred says:

    Well, I just did the exam a couple of hours ago and passed with 82% which I’m happy with. Many thanks for releasing the Attest questions – they certainly helped a great deal towards passing the exam. The Attest questions I think are slightly harder than the real exam questions – in my view if you can answer 80% – 90% of the Attest questions, you should be able to pass the exam.

    I prepared for the exam by reading Flex 3.0 programming, Adobe Flex 3 training from the source, and mostly by reading the Adobe Flex 3 online help. I have an Oreilly Safari account, so I read the books online. For LCDS, there is separate online documentation. My technique for study was to build my own sets of questions and answers as I read through the documentation, which I would periodically review to refresh my memory. The direction I took was based around the topics outlined in the Exam Preparation guide, and also the suggested study areas from the Attest results page. The question and answer documents are in google docs, so if anyone would like access to them simply reply here and I’ll make them public.

    Good luck to those studying for the exam!

    • PRADEEP says:

      Hi Fred, can you please post the google docs link, in case that helps.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Daniele Barell aka tiTano says:

      Hi Fred
      I pay you loz of compliments!
      And I queued myself to the google docs request…:)

    • Vishnu says:


      Could you please provide me the google docs for questions and answers documents.

      Thanks, Vishnu.

    • Hans says:


      Can you post the google docs link please. Thx.

    • rithika says:

      hi Fred,

      I am preparing on the same lines as you have done, I hope it should be enough. I am planning to give mine in a couple of days. Could you please mention the google docs link, I a sure it’ll be tons of help..

      Thanks in advance

  5. Praveen says:

    I am trying to download the test. It says download error . Can you please email me the file.

    Thank you and keep up the good work


  6. PRADEEP says:

    Hi DevGirl, can you send me the file too, as I see a download error too.I am preparing for the FLEX and AIR exam.


  7. Gorge says:

    When I click “Install Now” in download page of Attest the window with title “Adobe Flash” will respond as follows:

    -After that
    A download error occurred. Try to download again?


  8. Gorge says:

    Continuing with last post…
    Th error window hawing Retry and Cancel button. On Retry same error message is being displayed
    Can you please let me know what is the problem here.s it some flash environment issues?

    • devgirl says:

      Gorge, there is now a manual link to download Attest on the page where the badge installer is, let us know if you still have problems getting it. Thanks! Holly

  9. Gorge says:

    Yes, I got it!
    Thanks a lot for the help. It is really great product.

  10. Rahul says:

    Could any one please help me with Adobe Flex 3 questions.
    I am writting exam this weekend.Pls help me!!


  11. Rahul says:

    If you have any file or attachment pls share with me..


  12. Sara Allen says:

    I took the certification exam this morning and passed! And I can honestly say that Attest and Attest Pro helped me to prepare. I studied according to the different tabs provided (UI, Arch, Prog, Data and AIR), took all of the practice exams, examined the ones I got wrong and retook them. It was a very effective tool in helping me to organize the learning process.

    Thank you!!!!

  13. mio says:

    got somes errors after installing :
    when in start the app, alert “failed to load exam”
    anyone already got this error ?

    • devgirl says:

      Are you still having this problem Mio?

      • mio says:

        yes i dont know why, i try on other computer and works but not on my office laptop
        seem to be a configuration problem but don’t know why(my colleague have the same)
        flash/flex version? other?
        and now i have also an error when i star the air app “tourdeflex”, it can’t connect to internet

        • devgirl says:

          Sounds like a firewall issue or blocked port perhaps? Tour de Flex should always be able to connect when you have Internet access. Did you check to see if your Internet was working at that time? Thanks! Holly

  14. Tahir Alvi says:

    I try the link you post, now i enjoy with attest.

    Thanks Again

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