Get Flex/AIR Certified! Attest 1.5 mock exam AIR app released – FREE!

March 27, 2009By 15 Comments

Recently I decided to research getting my Adobe Flex 3/AIR ACE Certification and quickly found there was not a whole lot in the way of test preparation besides using the Adobe LiveDocs and the various books on the subjects. What I really wanted was the ability to take a mock exam and see which areas I might not be as proficient in and need to study further. I stumbled across some software called Attest, developed by Dave Flatley of PXL Designs, Inc that was developed for the Flex 2 ACE exam and inquired about a new version for Flex 3/AIR. Dave let me know he was working on an AIR version for it and I offered to help him work on getting it finished up, released and tested. We have been working feverishly to get the AIR app finished and testing complete, and I’m happy to announce we have released Attest 1.5 Beta today! It is FREE, yes folks, FREE!! for developer use, and I HIGHLY recommend downloading it and using it for your exam preparation, or even just for fun to see how much of a Flex/AIR expert you really are ;).

Keep in mind this is beta, but Dave and I carefully tried to be sure to hit all the different topic areas the test covers, and gladly welcome suggestions and feedback to how we can make it better. We will continue writing questions and adding to it, and with the beauty of AIR, you will get all of our exam updates without lifting a finger after you’ve installed it! There are currently two full exams that mimic the actual exam, as well as three mini-exams. The exams are timed just like the real thing, and we provide a nice bar chart of your results when you’re through to show you how you scored in all the different subject areas. Last but not least, and one of the most useful parts of the app in my opinion, is that we show each answer you selected incorrectly, and provide feedback about the question as well as links to the Adobe LiveDocs pages that explain that particular question further.

So grab Attest here and let us know what you think!

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  1. erick says:

    very usefull
    thank U!!!

  2. Jarek says:

    woohoo! awesome! thanks!

  3. Suman Mishra says:

    I was looking for something like this for quite some time.It is a great initiative for all the flex and air developers preparing for certification.
    Nice Job Done.It is very usefull.
    Thanks for publising …..

  4. Ajrarn says:

    Hi Holly!

    A big thank you for all your work with Dave!

    New Attest is finally here and it’s a big news!

  5. devgirl says:

    Thanks all!! We had a blast working on it and are super happy people are finding it useful!

  6. Jens Wegar says:

    Thanks! This is a great way to train for the exam. A couple of suggestions:

    1. Show a progress indicator somewhere during the exam, so that you know how much you have left of it.

    2. Once the results are shown, it would be useful to be able to jump back to the questions that you answered wrong to review them. Giving the explanation is great, but a bit hard to put into context if you’ve forgotten the original question already.

    Otherwise, great work!

  7. holy certs batman! This AIR app is actually signed! awesome, nice work!


  8. Sameer says:

    Hello Dave,

    I downloaded the Attest application and was just enjoying it. Its great job.
    I’ve simple suggestion. If it could be possible to change the Black Background color by the user. I’ve always had problem reading constantly for more than 2 minutes on black or very dark background with white fonts.
    I don’t know if others face but it gives me glares. Would have been great if the Bg could be changed from color palettes.
    Great job otherwise.

  9. Nath says:

    very useful tool, would be great to get some new exam questions added as I have already gotten through most of these… keep em coming!!

    • devgirl says:

      Dave and I are in the process of writing a bunch of new questions and plan to have them out early next week, so stay tuned!

  10. Nagendra Yenugula says:

    Thank you for sharing the mock tests for Flex 3 certifications.

  11. Thanks so much for creating these tests, devgirl. One of these days I’ll take that exam, and probably flunk it, but I’ll take it again and pass and it will be thanks to you.

  12. Barry van Aerle says:

    I’ve been working with flex/air for over a year now, making some small but rich applications. I had a 3 day course from a certified adobe teacher and today i took the test.

    i failed!

    56% instead of the needed 67%

    I wasn’t expecting so much ‘trivial’ questions and it was quite frustrating. when you’re working with flexbuilder it’s so easy to ctrl-space for autocompletion or just look something up in livedocs in seconds.

  13. liuzhi says:

    It is very usefull for me

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