Tour de Flex Unveiled!

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So I’ve just returned from Adobe MAX 2008 and I’m very excited about finally being able to talk about the latest and greatest application I had the pleasure of working on… Tour de Flex!

If you haven’t already hear about it, Tour de Flex is an AIR application that allows you to explore and learn about Flex and AIR through a variety of code samples and illustrations. It includes samples for using the core SDK, as well as a bunch of 3rd party code samples from people like ILOG, Degrafa, and from the community of Flex coders like Doug McCune.  It even includes an entire category devoted to using a bunch of the ActionScript Cloud APIs to interface to things like Twitter, Flickr, eBay, and many more, which I found particularly fun to work on. The really neat thing is that Tour de Flex will continue to grow with more samples since we have made it a community-friendly app where developers are encouraged to submit their own samples. Check out the project home page for more details.

Another great part of this endeavour, was the brilliant idea James Ward had to offer a way to interface to the Tour de Flex app right from inside your IDE, so we went ahead and built a plugin for Eclipse/Flex Builder to do just that. The idea is that you can search for code samples right from your IDE and instantly grab what you need via copy/paste of the sample code back into your source code or download the sample zip right from Tour de Flex to your hard drive. I have been using this in my dev’t for a few weeks now and became even more excited about it after finding it so useful myself! I would not have been able to write this plugin so quickly without the functionality provided from the Merapi APIs. This was absolutely key in allowing us to communicate between the Eclipse/Java side and the AIR/Flex side in such a timely manner. Please refer to my latest blog article to find out more details. Also, please stay tuned for more information on the making of the Tour de Flex plugin!

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